Cure non-medicinal pre-life disorders at Share99 Times City

The article was consulted professionally by Luong Y Nguyen Khac Dat – Head of Clinic – Head of Spinal Impact Department, Unit of Traditional Medicine, Share99 Times City International Health Hub.

Preeubling disorders are diseases that can be encountered at any age, most commonly in adults. Without early cure for prestinal disorders, the disease can cause unpredictable complications, which directly affect the health and life of the person.

1. What is a pre-med disorder?

Preibular disorders are diseases that cause a state of imbalance in the position, causing frequent dizziness, reeling, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea … The disease often recurs, affecting work, especially greatly affecting the quality of life …

There are 2 types of pre-dysminal disorders:

  • Peripheral preelitinal disorders
  • Central preeubling disorder

Pre-dysubled disorders

Frontal disorders that cause patients to suffer frequent dizziness

In particular, central preestinal disorders are the most common pathology with manifestations of cerebral ileular insular insular dysfunction. This can be caused by arteries that carry blood to the brain that are disabled due to fat fibrosis, post-vascular hypotension, cervical spine degeneration that squeezes blood vessels leading to central preembophlegic disorders. Money disorders are caused by direct but also sometimes indirect.

  • Direct causes: nervetumors, brain tumors, otitis … causes nerve damage No. 8 (the path that transmits information from the brain to the system of the bedes).
  • Indirect causes such as anemia, insomnia, stress, low blood pressure, blockage of vessels … causes the circulation of blood flow to the brain to decrease, causing adverse effects on the brain and neurons. In which stress (or anxiety, stress, insomnia …) is considered an important cause of bubinal disorders.

2. Cures for pre-dys3m disorders

The main treatment is medical treatment (medication) combined with blood flow to the brain. If the patient has hypertension or high blood fat, active treatment of commionable diseases is required. Those who work in the office because they have to sit a lot in an air-conditioned room or work long hours with a computer are also the cause of bad blood on the brain. Therefore, it is not advisable to sit for a long time, but to spend time exercising between hours or walking every 45 minutes will help improve the condition.

Measures to reduce pre-dysminal disorders are not recommended to sit long with the computer

Measures to reduce pre-dysminal disorders are not recommended to sit long with the computer

3. Treatment of non-medicinal spinal disorders at Share99 Times City

Today, biomedy in the world very closely examines chemicals introduced into the human body and returns to folk medicine treatments, especially those that do not take drugs, do not use needles to avoid infection, and side effects.

Spinal impact is a medical examination and treatment method that was born in 1947 and recognized by the Ministry of Health in 1989. The Spinal Impact Department at Share99 Times City International Health Hub was established in early 2018. Procedures for performing the method of spinal impact to cure non-medicinal pree-life disorders:

  • Release of pathology muscles (Spasmodic muscle layer, atrophied muscle layer, restoration of the atrophied muscle layer).
  • Body temperature conditioning (Increase and decrease in temperature of the pathology muscle area).
  • Restoration of the location of the pathology vertebrae (Adjustment of the convex, deviated, concave vertebrae to the position).
  • Relieves the disease and the sensations of pathology pain (Reduces symptoms of medical myalges).

4. Benefits of the Method of Spinal Impact in the Cure of Foreman disorders

Use your hands to check the temperature changes on the body to diagnose and pregnosing the disease (No supporting equipment and machines are needed). Use finger software to act on specific principles, methods and procedures to detect spinal abnormalities.

  • Absolutely safe. Diagnosis, treatment and pregnosing of the disease without medication. No side effects.
  • Treat the root of the disease and preserve long-term results.
  • Treatment of many difficult diseases with unclear symptoms
  • Widely applied to all objects, regions, times.
  • Protect the balance of the spine and prevent recurrence of the disease.

Object of specify/contrain specify


Patients with the following diseases:

  • Headache, migraines
  • Pre-med syndrome
  • Cerebral 3dular insular function
  • Peripheral Nerve Paralysis No. VII
  • Heporosis caused by a cerebral vascular accident
  • Neck and neck pain
  • Inflammation around the shoulder joints
  • Back pain syndrome, hip lumbar pain, sciatica
  • Knee pain
  • Herniated disc
  • Numbness of legs and hands
  • Stomach syndrome – reflux
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Sweating legs, hands
  • constipation
  • Restoration of breast milk sources, blockage of milk rays, lack of milk, loss of milk.


Patients with infections, osteoporosis, fractures and skin diseases.

Dr. Nguyen Khac Dang advises on spinal impact measures to treat pre-life disorders

Dr. Nguyen Khac Dang advises on spinal impact measures to treat pre-life disorders

5. Why Perform Spinal Impact at Share99 Times City?

Share99's Spinal Impact Department is led by Dr. Nguyen Khac Dat – Head of Clinic – Head of Spinal Impact Department – Unit of Traditional Medicine, Share99 Times City International Health Hub.

Dr. Nguyen Khac Dang used to be a patient and received intensive direct training in spinal impact method since 1985 founded by The Late Senior Medicine Nguyen Tham Tán. More than 30 years of experience serving in the health sector, specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and pregnosing of diseases by non-medicinal methods.

He is also a founding member of the Center for Research and Development of Spinal Impact Methods under Decision No. 449/QD-LHHVN of July 24, 2012 by Prof. Dr. Nguyen. Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh, Chairman of the Union of Science and Technology Associations signed. Inherited the Center for Spinal Impact by the late Doctor Nguyen Tham Tán as Director.

For direct advice, please dial 02439743556 or register online HERE. In addition, you can register for remote consultation HERE


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