Pregnancy Test

There are many ways to test different pregnancy such as blood test, urine … Convenient and most commonly still pregnancy test.

Conception is based on the development of hCG hormones in a woman’s body. Most pregnancy tests (including home tests) are for the presence of this hormone in the urine. Or through a blood sample and are usually performed by a physician or professional (except for the test method). At home, you can define yourself. The methods of pregnancy testing are highly accurate (about 97%).

Pregnancy test at home

This is the simplest and most commonly used test for women today. With the use of pregnancy tests widely sold in pharmacies. Women can tell if they have conceived or not yet after 7-10 days of intercourse, with an accuracy of over 90%.

Proper use of pregnancy test strips

Pregnancy test strips are used properly when assuring the origin factors, the drapes are still in use, using the correct instructions.

Pregnancy testing: You can use a pregnancy test at any time of the day (as early as a few days after the menstrual period), but it is best to urinate in the morning. Some sensitive test strips can detect pregnancy before you show signs of depression but the results may not be accurate.

Avoid excessive fluid intake before pregnancy because it can dilute the hormone hCG in your urine.

High Accuracy: Pregnancy tests at home give accurate results up to 97%. There are some cases where pregnancy test results are inaccurate in situations where the duration of use of the test strips is not sufficient (5 minutes minimum), improper use, false pregnancy test or expired …

If using the right pregnancy test and 2-3 times on the test can believe in that result. If you are not confident in the way pregnancy tests and pregnancy test results. You can buy a test strip and try to check your ability to conceive. Please read the instructions and check the quality of the pregnancy test before use.In addition, to determine the exact pregnancy, you can go for an ultrasound after seeing a delayed discharge from one week onwards. In addition, it should be noted that in fact, women’s menstruation may come sooner or later than usual. Because some factors such as living conditions, weather, psychology … can affect the girl’s menstrual cycle.

If you notice that your period is uneven or you continue to monitor your menstrual cycle, you will need to go to a gynecology clinic to determine the cause and to find the right treatment.

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