1 Months Pregnant Equals How Many Weeks

If you are new to pregnancy or trying to conceive, you will have many questions. How will the body change? What is happening inside the body?

The weekly guide below will help mothers spend nine months of pregnancy in a smart, confident, well-prepared manner. You can use useful information about your body and baby, as well as useful tips throughout pregnancy. Let’s start by looking at the uterus.

1 Months pregnant: Week 1 and Week 2


Baby: The baby is still just a flash of light in his eyes. It is difficult to know exactly when the process of conception occurs, so doctors usually calculate the term from the beginning to the end of the menstrual cycle. For the purpose of calculating, you are even “1 months pregnant signs” before you conceive!

Mothers: At the beginning of the season, about 20 eggs were filled with fluid in a pocket, called follicles. If your menstrual cycle is 28 days, then about 14 days then the ovulation falls, one of the cysts releases the egg, moving down the fallopian tube where it awaits fertilization. This time – 14 days after the menstruation starts a day or so – is the best time to get pregnant. After the egg is fertilized, it moves into the uterus.

Do not be disappointed if you are not pregnant for the first time. Each month, women have a 25% chance of getting pregnant, so it is important to try harder than once.

Tip for the week: Get regular gynecological examinations to determine the risk of inherited diseases, environmental hazards as well as learn about the lifestyle changes needed to keep pregnancy and baby healthy. Most importantly, take 0.4 milligrams of folic acid a day, which has been shown to significantly reduce neural tube defects such as spina bifida.

1 Months pregnant: Week 3

1 Months Pregnant Equals How Many Weeks 2

1 month pregnant and showing

Baby: Congratulations! If eggs and sperm have successfully combined, the embryos have been formed, although the size is very small. Embryos are not like a fetus or baby; It is just a group of about 100 reproductive cells and growing rapidly. The outer layer of cells becomes the placenta, while the inner layer becomes the embryo.

Mothers: You will not notice any changes in the body at this time. You do not even miss your menstrual period.

Tips for the week: If you can not wait to see if you are pregnant, try pregnancy at home, you can take a pregnany test at home with bleach (very simple) This way is as reliable as a urine test or a blood test at a doctor’s office – and you get immediate results. To ensure accuracy, read the instructions carefully and make sure all items are clean.

1 Months pregnant: Week 4

1 Months Pregnant Equals How Many Weeks 3

1 months pregnant baby size

Baby: Now the egg is fertilized, the egg digs into the endometrium, called implant.

Mum: Maybe you are expecting your menstrual period to come, and if it does not happen, it may be one of the first signs that you are pregnant. You may also notice that the embryo implant itself into the uterus. You may not feel the difference, but the fluid sac and placenta will carry oxygen and nutrients to nourish the baby that is forming in the uterus.

Tip for the week: Try to eat healthily, choose from a variety of foods from food groups advised to eat and drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. You do not really need to “eat for two”; Just add 300 calories a day while you are pregnant . Do not worry if food intake drops in the early days due to morning sickness. If you have started eating properly, your baby will get what the baby needs.

What is happening inside the body?

symptoms of a 1 month pregnant

The fertilized egg grows with a tight water bag wrapped around it, gradually filled with liquid. This is called amniotic sac and it helps form the developing embryo.

The placenta also develops, is a circular, flat organ, transfers nutrients from you to the baby and transfers the baby’s waste.

The baby will gradually form a primitive face, rounded eyes, large and dark. Mouth, lower jaw, and throat are also beginning to develop. Blood cells are forming and blood begins to circulate.


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