Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach pregnancy test in addition to cleansing out you know it also works as a home pregnancy test is simple and easy to use. What you have to do is combine it with your morning urine.

Because this is a test for having a fast home pregnancy test, there are no detailed instructions on the amount of bleach and urine you need. This mixture will produce toxic smoke, so the test should be done in a cool place outdoors or indoors.If you really do not have time to buy a pregnancy kit from a neighboring pharmacy, you may feel very sensitive about your pregnancy test at home, and you do not want to go to the specialist or specialist to tell them. Expressions you may be pregnant. So the method of using detergent as a small test for home pregnancy is one of the reasonable ways that you can apply. Please note, this test with bleach is a chemical and is used extensively and often in family apartments, which are known to be clothing cleaners through oxidation.

It may not be entirely dependent on its results whether bleach pregnancy test negative and positive. Explain to this issue that there is not yet a detailed guideline for the use of urine output. You, bleach and time trial method of home pregnancy testing. So, I will guide you further about Salt pregnancy test, if both methods are the same answer, then your experiment is successful.

What is Bleaching Pregnancy Test?

Bleach Pregnancy Test or the Bleaching Pregnancy Test is a home-based test, in which you neither have to step out of your home nor visit your nearest pharmacy. It is popularly known as the home-made test.

Well, the origin of this test is still a matter of dispute, this home pregnancy test requires the least effort and gives you one of the best results. This method saves your time, a matter of a few minutes it is.

And above all, this method is extremely cheap. You just need some bleaching powder, easily available at your house. Well, you won’t fail to agree that a spoonful of bleaching powder will not weigh heavy on your pockets. Many may not like to discuss their pregnancy with others or even doctors; shyness or several other factors owing to this. One or more may be the stigmatization of society towards unmarried mothers.

This method is hassle-free. It doesn’t even super complicated medical instrument. The Bleaching method will certainly save you from the pain of reading the function manual over and again that comes with those highly expensive pregnancy testing instruments.

One question that surely pops onto the mind is; will this method give me the correct results or how effective it is? This method is a preliminary test just to ensure pregnancy. You can follow up with the physician or use other methods after it. But, this is a super easy method, if you have doubts regarding pregnancy, you can ascertain it.

Well, I’ve collected some testimonials from over the globe where the women swear by this methods to give them the first ounce of happiness.

Christina quotes, “I have always trusted this method for the accuracy of the results it has provided me in all my four pregnancies. Though follow-ups were embraced, I took its shelter every time I had a doubt.”

Moore writes, “My friend suggested me this method five years back, and I trust this method completely since it saved my life from the fear of going to the gynaecologist and discover I had failed conception. Fortunately, I had conceived in my very first try.”

Why does the bleach pregnancy test work?

After 1 month of fertilization, embryo implantation takes place along with precursor cells of placenta, which release a chemical called hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin to enrich uterus with a thick lining of blood vessels and cushioning uterus, although in discrete amount. Amount of hCG doubles every 48 hours in urine. The Strip home pregnancy test also checks for same for determining pregnancy. After 3 to 4 weeks, placenta forms to provide nourishment to the fetus. Along with it, it starts releasing hCG in higher traceable amount. This period is also accompanied by the rise of estrogen levels, giving you nausea and sick feeling. hCG is released with urine, which makes it produce fumes, suggestive of pregnancy.

HCG is a reactive compound. Reacting it with the main ingredient of bleaching powder, i.e. Sodium hypochlorite can determine pregnancy. The accuracy of results highly depends on hCG levels in urine. It is best measured after placenta formation than implantation. It is best to avoid the use of diuretics because it obliterates hormones level in your body and hence disturb hCG levels, affecting your results.

The tests have confirmed that the results are the most accurate as you further down the pregnancy, more the concentration of hCG in the urine, higher will be the accuracy of the test.

How to do bleach pregnancy test?

Now after you are equipped with all the information regarding Bleach Pregnancy Test and its reliability, let’s explore each step in order to get viable results. Let us also be acquainted with few precautions that must be exercised while performing this test. Although this test is harmless, it’s better to take aid from someone, because when you mix urine and bleaching powder, fumes are generated which can irritate and cause chest pain to a pregnant lady.

Please kindly ensure that you are not allergic to bleaching powder. Heya! Do not freak out. So let’s read further to discover the few super simple steps that you will need to perform in order to get the best results.

home pregnancy test with bleach

Step 1: Collect unscented (Scented powder signifies the presence of chemicals) There is no need to hunt down for the industrial bleaching powders, go for the simple ones available for the homely uses. Bleaching powder- 100 grams.

Step 2:  You need to collect your urine in a waste bottle or a disposable bag. Here, what must be noted is, you need to collect urine during the early hours of the day because as you wake up because hCG levels are very high in the early morning urine. This can help you achieve better results.

Step 3: Get two waste plastic cups. Fill one of them with early morning urine. Fill another with 2 to 3 tablespoon bleach.

Step 4: Mix bleach from glass 1 into the urine of glass 2. Wait for at least 3 minutes, and let contents mix. Do not shake or stir contents.

Bleach pregnancy test results

When your small wait is over observe carefully. Corrosive property of bleach powder makes it react readily with hCG in urine. The only thing that you will have to observe in the whole procedure is the frothing or the effervescence. Let me classify this into two categories.

Bleach pregnancy test positive

home pregnancy test with bleach positive

This is indeed the most awaited result out of this procedure. As beautiful as it reads, the observation will not be less exciting. Immediate frothing will occur in the vessel. Simply, if the urine will have more hCG content in it, it will froth more quickly and densely. Immediate effervescence is a strong sign of a successful conception. In other words, it is near the accurate sign of a viable pregnancy. Congratulations! You are pregnant.

Bleach pregnancy test negative

This may be a sign of relief to not many of us, even heartbreaking for a few. Let’s get the insight of this aspect of the procedure as well. The Bleaching method to test the pregnancy can be said to have produced negative results when the frothing is not observed immediately or within a few minutes after the mixture is processed. If the effervescence does not appear or appears too late it is a sign that the chances of conception are very slim. The pregnancy is not viable.

But wait, you not need be disheartened. The negative results can always be crosschecked. But wait, you not need be disheartened. The negative results can always be crosschecked.

Is the bleach pregnancy test safe?

  1. Do not touch the bleaching powder with bare hands, it can cause irritations or in rare cases acid burns.
  2. Do not shake the mixture of urine and bleaching powder, you will hamper the results.
  3. Please do this test in the fully vented room.
  4. Try to keep bleach, far from your nose, to be safe wear a handkerchief or a mask to cover your nose, since inhaling toxic bleach can cause you irritation.

Also, get some disposable gloves, while handling bleach.

For better results, keep in mind these following points

Avoid this test for at least three weeks of ovulation, or do not try this until you’ve missed your periods for not less than a week. Technically you are not even pregnant up to 20 days of the pregnancy. You will always get incorrect results, as hCG is not produced or negligibly produced until this time. Performing the tests until this period is merely a waste of your time and growing your anxiety.

If you get a negative result, do not fret over it. You can always try again, trust me it’s harmless. Chances are high that you missed something in the procedure. As Bleaching home pregnancy test is cost effective and not time-consuming, repeating is not at all frustrating.

Myths Surrounding the home pregnancy test

The doctors do not suggest the Bleaching method Unless the doctor is commissioned by a strip testing kit company or otherwise and you are completely non-allergic to the bleaching powder, he has no reason to disregard this method.

The Bleaching Method is unsafe for the unborn child If the mother is not allergic to the bleaching powder there is no chance that the child will be affected by this procedure. Even for the fact if the mother is unsure about the consequences of the bleaching powder, she can take assistance from any person willing to bring the smile on the face of the lady.

In many areas, there is a silent rumour that the bleaching pregnancy test a can help you detect the gender of the child. Well, it’s time to bust the myth. This is just a myth and nowhere stands in the queue of reality. The Bleaching Pregnancy Test cannot detect whether the child is male or female. This is just a hoax and absolutely false. Science says it can only confirm whether you qualify a pregnancy or not


This super easy, simple testing method struggles to find its existence only because of our unawareness, and tendency to succumb to fancy readymade items. At least it can be used as a precursor to the other methods.

There is certainly no harm in trying out this method, at least it will not burden your wallet. I recommend this Bleaching method to all the beautiful women out there trying to conceive. Find the first sign of joy, in your home, in your comfort. If you qualify the pregnancy, cherish the motherhood, it’s a beautiful gift of the Almighty.

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