What manifestations does estrogen deficiency cause?

Estrogen is a female sex hormone also known as female hormones. Estrogen plays an important role in women's health, beauty as well as hygiene. If there is an estrogen deficiency, you may experience menopause-like symptoms, such as hotness, trouble sleeping, and vaginal dryness.

1. Some factors that cause low estrogen levels

Some of the factors that cause low estrogen levels, they include:

  • Excessive exercise
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Turner syndrome (a disorder in which a woman is born with only one X chroma).
  • A low-functioning saddle gland
  • Loss of appetite or other eating disorders
  • Early ovarian failure or any other auto-immune disorder
  • Vasectulation may inadvertently cut blood supply to the ovaries and reduce estrogen levels
  • Magnesium deficiency
  • Contraceptive pills inhibit both estrogen and progesterone
  • Insyroidism
  • A senatorialysis fatigue
  • Over-developed yeast with yeast toxins blocks hormone receptor positions

2. What are the manifestations when estrogen is low?


Estrogen deficiency affects health, beauty and well-being

Estrogen content in the woman's body is highest during puberty and during pregnancy. Then there will be a sharp decrease in the post-birth period and menopause. Every 10 years, the amount of female sex hormones in the body decreases by 15% until the woman is 55 years old, only 10% compared to when she was young.

Manifestations when estrogens are low include:

  • Deteriorating beauty: The skin will become dry, poorly elastic. Wrinkles appear more and more, the skin sags. On the surface of the skin also appear spots, age spots. Nails and feet are getting worse, brittle and more fragile. Hair also dries, fibrous tops and falls more.
  • Impaired erm: Round 1 of or higher is less toned, ruffled and sagging. Excess fat concentrated in the abdomen increases the size of the waist. Menstruation has an erratic cycle. The desire to decline, the vagina is dry, burning pain when having sex many times into female psychological weakness makes women afraid to be close to their sexuality, affecting the couple's feelings and family happiness. In addition, conception and nourishment of the fetus are also much more difficult.
  • Declining health: When female sex hormones deteriorate, women will experience health-related problems, increasing the risk of diseases such as headaches, fatigue, loss of concentration, urinary tract infections. Weak bones or frequent fractures, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, cancer …

3. How to supplement estrogen for the body?

foods rich in estrogen

Foods high in estrogen

After the age of 30, the ovaries in the female body begin to decrease in activity leading to a decrease in the amount of female sex hormones that begin to decline. Therefore, this is the time to start adding estrogen to the body. Some foods help supplement female sex hormones such as soybeans and soy-based ingredients. In soybeans contain a very large content of isoflavones. This is a compound similar to estrogen. Regular use of soy helps strengthen the female sex hormone for the body, effectively supporting the female's well-being. Some other foods also have the effect of supplementing female sex hormones for the body such as papaya, cherries, sesame seeds, flax seeds …

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