2 Months Pregnant Ultrasound Pictures

First of all, congratulations because you have officially had a baby. The second month of pregnancy begins at the fifth week of pregnancy.

Many mothers have been through the first month of pregnancy without knowing until they are “off” the red light and try to stick to two bars.

2 Months Pregnant Ultrasound Pictures

2 Months Pregnant: Week 5


2 months pregnant symptoms

Baby: The baby is still small, but the heart, brain, spinal cord, muscle and bone are beginning to grow. Pregnancy placenta feeding baby and amniotic sac are also forming will provide a warm and safe environment where baby can move easily. The umbilical cord forms and connects the baby to the blood supply.

Mothers: You may suspect that you are pregnant. You may also notice some early signs of pregnancy:

⇒ Feeling of nausea (called morning sickness, although it can occur at any time of day or night)

⇒ Tingling, chest pain and dark knob

⇒ The urge to urinate more often

⇒ Feeling tired than usual

Tip for the week: You should go to the gynecologist as soon as you think you are pregnant. Starting early prenatal care and going on a scheduled appointment is a big step forward for pregnancy and babies health.

2 Months Pregnant: Week 6


2 months pregnant in weeks

Baby: shaped like a tadpole, small size like a pill. Eyes and limbs are forming. While ultrasound, the doctor can hear the heartbeat. Between the 17th and 56th is a vulnerable time, because the baby is very sensitive to what affects normal development.

Mum: You can gain weight. Or if you have morning sickness, you may lose weight – but that’s normal. You start to notice some changes in your body: tighter clothing, legs and chest fullness. At the gynecological examination, the doctor will notice a change in the size of the uterus.

Tip of the week: Take good prenatal habits such as eating healthy and taking a prenatal vitamin. Do not smoke and drink alcohol.

2 Months Pregnant: Week 7


2 months pregnant what to expect

Baby: growing. The limbs will grow into hands and feet. Many parts continue to grow like the heart, lung, gut, brain, spinal cord, nose, mouth and eyes.

Mum: Now you are feeling the changes in your body. You may still have morning sickness and your chest still feels tingling and tender.

Tip of the pregnancy week by week: Never leave your stomach empty because it makes you nausea. Eat snacks and eat small meals during the day instead of three large meals. To prevent a drop in blood sugar, eat more protein such as adding cheese to crackers.

2 Months Pregnant: Week 8


how does a 2 months pregnant look like

Baby: Now the baby is growing in the sixth week. The folds of the eyelids and ears are forming. The baby develops fingers with membranes, toes and even can swim around in the uterus.

Mothers: The volume of blood rises and the heart pumps more blood than 50% per minute for the baby. The common symptoms this week are feeling sad and nauseated by certain odors.

Tip of the week: Wear supportive bra to support good chest during pregnancy. This will help you feel more comfortable and prevent sagging breasts in the future. Do exercises to keep your chest muscles firm.

What is happening inside the body?


image of a 2 months pregnant woman

Characteristics of the baby’s face continues to grow. Each ear begins to have a small fold in the skin behind the head. Small limbs grow into hands, feet, fingers and toes.
Neural (brain, spinal cord, nerves and other tissues) are also formed. The digestive tract and the sensory organs begin to develop. Bones start replacing cartilage.

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