6 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy Test Strips

6 Things you should know about pregnancy test strips. Pregnancy tester is the simplest and fastest pregnancy tester you can use. Despite the high accuracy, pregnancy test rods can still give false results if not used properly.

But do not think just buy “great” then try offline! Improper use of abortion can lead to misleading results. Sisters need to find out how to use this test instrument most effectively. This can quickly determine if you have a motherhood or not.

6 Things You Should Know About Pregnancy Test Strips

What is a pregnancy test?

The pregnancy tester is a qualitative test for detecting human chorionic gadadicin (hCG) levels, a substance secreted by the placenta and present in the urine of pregnant women for signs of pregnancy.

Hormone hCG is called “pregnancy hormone” because it is produced only after the fertilized egg. This hormone will increase rapidly after the fertilized egg and pregnancy test or blood test are based on this hormone level to conclude whether you are pregnant or not.

There is a standard bar on the stoma. If you are pregnant, one more line will appear on the test strip. That’s why people often use the word “two bars” with the meaning “to know you are pregnant”, “pregnancy sign” or “new pregnancy”.

In contrast, negative results, ie after a test is still a bar means you are not pregnant, or not enough hormone test strips to recognize.

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The timing of the pregnancy test

The timing of the pregnancy test

When are pregnancy tests correct? If you have a stable menstrual cycle, about 7 days after the menstrual period is delayed, you can use a pregnancy test.

However, in the typical case, about 7 to 10 days after having sex, you may already be aware of signs of pregnancy and check that you are pregnant.

To know how to use the correct pregnancy test, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Dip the pregnancy test stick into the urine cup as directed by the manufacturer
  • Dip the stick properly specified
  • Wait about 5 minutes and read the result.

With the new test rod, you just “wet” the rod when urinating is okay. How to see the pregnancy test to know the results will be two cases:

  • Report a flag that you are not pregnant
  • Report 2 lines clearly, congratulations you have added new members

Notes when using the pregnancy test

Many women have a pregnancy test that is negative. These cases usually occur when you do not know how to calculate the date of ovulation, remember the number of days since the first day of your last period. You need to remember these landmarks to determine when the pregnancy test may yield accurate results. They are 7-9 days late.

The best way to try a pregnancy test is to leave the test strip in the urine for about 5 minutes or according to the amount of time in the instruction manual. Also, with traditional test strips, you need to get enough urine, if wet to exceed the limit line on the rod, the results are not accurate.

Drinking plenty of water before urinating may distort the results of the pregnancy test. However, this is rarely the case.

When to use the pregnancy test? It is best to try early morning after waking up because this is the highest concentration of hCG in urine.

The effects of other medications such as diuretics, tranquilizers or antibiotics may result in inaccurate pregnancy tests.

HCG levels may increase in some cases of ovarian cysts and ectopic pregnancy, which results in positive results (two bars) while you are not pregnant.

To be sure of the pregnancy test result, you can try again for about half an hour to an hour after the first attempt.

In case you are pregnant and the result is two bars, hurry to the nearest maternity clinic for advice on how to take care, eat, exercise and abstain to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Early examinations also help you to eliminate the risk of ectopic pregnancy or cysts, which are polycystic ovaries that are mistaken for pregnancy.

Are pregnancy tests accurate?

Statistics show that test strips give accurate results in 90% of cases. Many women wonder how to see a test strip when two test strips show a different color. In it, the second line appears very dim.

This is because the hormone levels are low and you have a pregnancy test as soon as the embryo is formed, ie early in pregnancy. This means that, while the second line is blurry, you can still confirm that you are pregnant.

Where can I buy a pregnancy test?

There is nothing simpler than buying a pregnancy test. You can find it at any pharmacy and you can buy it without your doctor’s prescription.

What is the pregnancy test and how to use the pregnancy test to get accurate results have been answered through the information in this article?

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