After a miscarriage what should be abstained from to recover soon?

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Miscarriage not only affects the health but also the mental harm of the mother. The older the gestational age, the more severe the impact. So what should abstain from after a miscarriage to recover soon?

1. After a miscarriage what abstinence to get well?

When it comes to spontaneous abortions, all abstinences are now the same as for post-birth maternity:

  • Cold abstinence: Abstain from cold water baths, abstain from drinking cold water, eat cold food … will cause your body to become cold, impairing resistance.
  • Strong abstinence: Carrying water, washing clothes by hand … Although after a few days of miscarriage, you should move gently back to the blood circulation, help the body relax, thereby relax the mood to help eat and sleep better. However, do not move too much because it will affect health, the muscles in your abdomen have not yet shrunched to normal levels.


After a miscarriage, women need to abstain from sex for a certain period of time
  • Abstinence from sex: It is necessary to abstain from sexual activity for a certain period of time (depending on the physical and mood of each person and the gestational age at stride, it is usually necessary to abstain at least a few weeks after the cleansing of blood and fluids. If the miscarriage is large, you should abstain for about 6 weeks. It is necessary to wait at least 3 months after a natural abortion to get pregnant again or it is best to consult a doctor or make some truwosc functional examinations when planning a childbirth. Because at this time, the woman's uterus and vagina basically recovered and returned to their original state of health. If you have a miscarriage due to an extra-intra-uterus pregnancy, it is necessary to consult a doctor before wanting to conceive again, since the reasonable time for the sister to become pregnant again in this case usually lasts longer, which can be from 4 to 6 months.
  • Abstain from welded (cold) dishes, which are allergenic or foods with a fishy smell such as crab, snails, squid, oysters, fish, mussels … Dishes containing hot spicy spices or stimulants (alcohol, beer, tobacco, coffee …) should also be avoided absolutely because these substances are vulnerable to deep internal damage such as swelling, causing pain in the uterus.

2. What should be done after a miscarriage?

After a miscarriage, you should keep your body in a state of rest, rest, pay attention to improve health, do not torment yourself, but consider this as something that happens unexpectedly. It is advisable to share negative emotions with your husband, friends or family members, helping the spirit to be happier and more relaxed. There are many women who appear to be worried about miscarriages in the future, however you should not be too worried about this, the results of the investigation show that up to 85% of mothers will successfully get pregnant again after having suffered a miscarriage.

Pay attention to daily personal hygiene: At least 2 times a day should mix warm water with a specialized feminine hygiene solution to clean the enclosure, this helps women fight infections and helps deodorize the closed area effectively.

Use a hot compress bag (or use a bottle of water filled with hot water) to apply it to the abdomen, back, and sides of the inguinal area. This has the effect of prevent back pain, knee fatigue, help your body quickly recover.


It is recommended to eat more greens and fruits to increase the body's resistance

The diet of women after natural miscarriages needs to ensure adequate nutrients, help women quickly recover, perform cooked and boiled food, food safety and hygiene.

It is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to increase the body's resistance. Choose meats such as beef, pork, goat meat … to enhance iron supplements for the body. Vegetables and fruits such as pumpkin, cauliflower, spinach, grapes, bananas, legumes, cereals … is also a food rich in iron and iron. Note, do not forget to add vitamin C to enhance the absorption of this nutrient.

After a miscarriage if you have abnormal symptoms, you should be examined and consulted with a specialist.

For direct advice, please click hotline number or register online HERE. In addition, you can register for remote consultation HERE


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