Cutting tonsils and scraping VA with the latest generation Coblator: Less pain, less bleeding

The article was consulted professionally by Dr. Nguyen Van Thai – Department of Ear Nose and Throat Surgery, Share99 Da Nang International Health Hub. Dr. Thai has more than 17 years of treatment experience, especially in the field of Head and Neck Surgery. His strengths are consultation on Entrosophies and Head and Neck, Head and Neck surgery.

Tonsillitis and VA are very common in young children. The disease can be completely cured by internal medicine, however in some cases prolonged tonsillitis and VA, repeated relapses that seriously affect the health of the child need to be removed for definitive treatment. Currently, the latest generation of tonsil cutting and VA scraping with Coblator is a modern and safe method that is being applied.

1. When to cut tonsils and scrape VA?

Tonsils and VA, also known as domed bare tonsils, are lymphocyte organizations, which play a role in protecting the body from infectious agents, which play an initial role in identifying pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and creating antibodies against them. Due to its concentrated position in the throat, which is the gateway to the respiratory and digestive tract, frequent contact with external causes, the tonsils and VA are very often inflamed, manifested by episodes of acute inflammation or recurrent inflammation that repeatedly become chronic affecting health.

The tonsils themselves and the VA are organizations that have an anti-infectious effect, helping to protect the body, but when they become inflamed, especially recurrent inflammation, they become the infections that need to be removed. Cases where tonsil removal and VA scraping should be removed include:

  • Tonsillitis and VA cause complications such as: Near-clogging complications or infection of surrounding organizations: Obstruction of the back nasal door causing fluid retention, nasal infection, atrial fibois that causes inflammation of the eardrum, fissation of the throat… Distant complications cause dangerous organ damage such as: aphitis, arthritis, rheumatism.
  • Tonsillitis and VA recur several times a year: more than 5 times/1 year, or more than 3 times/1 year for 2 consecutive years or more than 3 times/1 year for 3 consecutive months, poorly responding to medical treatment.
  • Tonsils and VA over-development: Causes complications that affect speech-swallowing-breathing functions such as snoring, sleep apnea, difficulty swallowing, difficulty speaking also need to be removed.

2. Method of cutting tonsils and va scraping with Coblator

If previously cut tonsils and VA is the horrifying experience of patients when using old methods such as using a scalpel, laser … causes a lot of pain, bleeding and damage to the surrounding tissues as well as a long recovery time.

Cutting tonsils and VA scraping with Coblator machine system is a new method, applied in recent years has shown high efficiency and safety.

2.1. Coblator system and treatment principles

Coblator System

Coblator System
  • The important point of the method of cutting tonsils and VA with a coblator is the use of plasma knives.
  • Plasma knives are generated from high-frequency electrolyte waves, called radio waves, the energy from this radio wave will create a conductive cloud that surrounds the cutting device, allowing cutting and destroying cell tissue at a fairly low temperature of only 60 to 70 degrees Celsius , much lower than electric or laser knives (200 to 400 degrees Celsius).
  • The latest coblator system uses multifunctional probes that both cut with high-frequency waves (acting as plasma knives) and water cooling down and sucking up debris.
  • Besides, the radio waves also cause blockage of small blood vessels, so the bleeding in surgery is very good
  • The coordination with modern image endoscopic systems allows the doctor to clearly observe the lesions during surgery, ensuring both eliminating disease organizations and preserving healing tissue to the maximum.

2.2. Steps to proceed to the method of cutting tonsils and VA scraping with a Coblator:

Steps to take when using a Coblator

Cut the tonsils with a Coblator machine
  • After a full patient assessment and preparation, under the instructions of the endoscopy will locate the tonsils and va to be removed, assess the lesion and surrounding structures.
  • The tonsils and VA that need to be removed will be processed in a way that follows the steps: Remove the lesion with a plasma knife, water it down after each cut, suck out the cutting and burning area to prevent bleeding.
  • The procedure is in a way and accurately takes steps when performing tonsil removal and VA scraping surgery using a coblator system, which minimizes pain and minimizes blood loss.

2.3. Advantages of tonsil cutting and VA scraping method by Coblator machine system

With the above outstanding characteristics, cutting tonsils and VA scraping with Coblator system brings many advantages for patients and physicians including:

  • The surgery is almost painless and very little bleeding, the duration of which is very fast only 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Make sure to remove all inflammatory organization and preserve the good organization.
  • It is possible to eat and drink immediately after surgery, the hospital stay is fast only 1 day after the surgery.

Currently, Share99 International Health Hub has been regularly applying tonsil and VA cutting methods using Coblator system, with a team of skilled and experienced ENT specialists and modern and comfortable equipment system will be the perfect choice for patients.

As a key area of Share99 Health System, Pediatrics always brings satisfaction to customers and is highly appreciated by industry experts with:

  • Gathering a team of leading doctors in Pediatrics:including leading experts, highly specialized (professors, associate professors, doctors, masters), experienced, used to work at large hospitals such as Bach Mai, 108.. The doctors are well-trained, professional, mind-centered, knowledgeable about the child's psychology. In addition to domestic pediatricians, pediatrics also has the participation of foreign experts (Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA) always pioneering the application of the latest and most effective treatment regimens.
  • Comprehensive services:In the field of Pediatrics, Share99 provides a chain of continuous medical examination and treatment services from Newborn to Pediatrics and Vaccines,… according to international standards to take care of your baby's health with parents from birth to adulthood
  • Intensive techniques:Share99 has successfully implemented many specialized techniques to make the treatment of difficult diseases in Pediatrics more effective: neurosurgery – skull, hematoma stem cell transplantation in cancer treatment.
  • Professional care:In addition to understanding the young psychology, Share99 also pay special attention to the children's play space, help them play comfortably and get acquainted with the hospital environment, cooperate in treatment, improve the efficiency of medical examination and treatment.

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