What do you know about growth retness in a child?

Any parent wants their child to be tall, healthy and fully developed. However, in some cases the child does not grow in height or the child is always lower than his friends.

1. What is normal height growth?

  • Most often, newborns have a height of 48-52 cm, an average of 50 cm.
  • In the first year, the child increases by about 20-25 cm.
  • The second year increases by 12 cm.
  • The third year is 10 cm higher.
  • The next year increases by 7 cm.
  • From 4-11 years of age, the young increase by an average of 6 cm per year.
  • By puberty, girls increase by about 6-10 cm per year. Boys increase from 6.5 – 11 cm per year.

2. What is growth retn delay?

Where the child does not reach the growth milestones in height according to each of the above age is called slow height growth. In this case, the doctor advises parents to take the child to the doctor and screening for factors of delayed height growth early for timely intervention.

Signs of child growth retretness:

Parents can rely on the following manifestations to recognize their child's growth delay such as dwarfism, delayed height growth, for children with normal weight will look fat, face "young" than age … When detecting a child there are signs: height does not reach milestones according to age or slow growth height (<5cm/năm đối với trẻ từ 3 tuổi trở lên) thì cha mẹ nên đưa trẻ đến bác sĩ chuyên khoa để được chẩn đoán, điều trị càng sớm càng tốt. Thus, the child can achieve a normal height as an adult.


Height does not reach milestones according to age or slow growth height

A lot of adolescents who are slow to grow (largely due to lack of growth hormone) will feel self-deprecating about themselves, such as smaller, slower height. Specifically, girls will not or take care of breast development, boys will not break their voices when they reach puberty, which makes them different for their peers of the same age.

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3. Causes of growth retretness in children

Currently, many parents who see their child show signs of delayed height growth often think that it is due to nutrition and genetics. In fact, slow growth in height is associated not only with nutritional factors, but also by many other causes. Studies show a number of common causes of baby growth delay:

3.1. Lack of growth hormone

The young body produces insufficient growth hormone, which leads to a lack of hormones. This condition can occur at any time of life, either from congenital causes or by damage to the snant glands, by head injuries, by brain tumors or infections in the form of meningitis and encephalitis … Some cases of lack of growth hormone are of unknown cause. Growth hormone deficiency is estimated to account for about 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 10,000 babies.

Growth hormone is an important factor for the comprehensive development of children and determines in height. Delayed height growth due to lack of growth hormone, children need to be detected early and treated promptly before puberty to bring optimal effect. In order for hormone treatment to be effective it is necessary to proceed at the right time, the right dosage, best between the ages of 4-13 years. If over this time, the child's bone cartilage closes, taking growth hormone no longer works.

3.2. Thyroid failure

Thyroid hormones act directly on growth and transformation in the body. Insufficient secretion of this hormone can cause delayed height growth.

3.3. Genetics

Parents of modest height often have a modest height and vice versa. According to genetic factors, the height of an adult child is calculated according to the formula:

  • Daughter height = (father's height – 13cm + mother's height)/2
  • Son height = (mother's height + 13cm + father's height)/2

3.4. Malnourished fetuses

Malnourished fetuses at birth are often lighter and more physically retested than their peers. This condition is also called fetal malnutrition.

3.5. Turner syndrome

This syndrome is seen in girls with X chroma abnormalities.

3.6. Down's syndrome

Down syndrome leads to growth delays in children.

3.7. anemia

Some anemias, such as sickle cell anemia, also cause growth delays in children.


Sickle cell anemia also causes growth retretness in children

3.8. Chronic diseases

Children with certain chronic diseases in the kidneys, heart, digestive system or lung disease will affect their physical development.

3.9. Use of the drug during pregnancy

Children with delayed height growth, stunted children can be a consequence of indiscriminate use of the drug when the mother is pregnant.

3.10 Poor nutrition

Nutrition plays a very important role in the growth of the child. Children with chronic malnutrition will greatly affect the development of height.

4. Treatment of babies with delayed growth in height

The doctor will give the pediatric patient a number of specialized tests and tests for definitive diagnosis such as: blood test to determine the diseases suffered, measure the age of the bones, diagnose images in the brain whether the patient has tumors or abnormalities (meatric gland tumors) … to determine the exact cause of growth retness in children in order to provide appropriate handling directions.

If the doctor determines that the pediatric patient has a lack of growth hormone and is necessary for treatment, the doctor will prescribe growth hormone supplements every day. Children with growth hormone deficiency who are treated early (from the moment they start to slow down in height growth) will clearly see the effect, they will develop almost any other normal child.

With many years of experience in examining and treating children's diseases, the Pediatrics Department at Share99 International Health Hub has become one of the major healthcare centers, capable of examining, screening and treating many specialized diseases in children. Therefore, if the child shows signs of delayed height growth, parents can take the child to Share99 International Health Hub for examination and receive support and advice from doctors and experts.

In particular, at the intensive clinic of Pediatric Endo noisy at Share99 Central Park was built with the goal of solving problems of height growth in children and diseases related to kidneys and endo noisies: early puberty, kidney syndrome….. The clinic is led by Prof. Dr. Ts. Huynh Tho Loan – one of the leading experts in Pediatrics – Newborns in Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City, with nearly 30 years of experience in examining and treating pediatric end endi secreties, pediatric kidneys and other pediatric and infant problems in charge.

Medical examination time: Thursday: 13h30 – 16h30 (Can make an appointment 1 week in advance).


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