Complications of cystitis

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Cystitis is a medical term. Most cases of inflammation are caused by bacteria, also known as urinary tract infections. Less commonly, cystitis can also occur as a reaction to certain medications, radiation therapy or stimulants.

Cystitis causes many unpleasant conditions such as urination, hematoma, turbid urine. If the disease is left for a long time, there is no direction to handle will cause dangerous complications for the person.

Cystitis can be seen in all subjects from men to women, children … in which women are the most at risk of disease due to the more special female genitals, so it is easy to cause inflammation , besides some habits that create favorable conditions for cystitis in women such as: drinking less water, or fasting, sedentary …

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Women at higher risk for cystitis

1. Common symptoms of cystitis

When suffering from cystitis, the person may see the following symptoms:

  • Very urine, severe and persistent urination, this is a symptom that makes the person feel extremely uncomfortable and anxious.
  • There is a burning sensation when urinating.
  • Urinate, may urinate blood, turbid urine or smell bad.
  • There is always a feeling of tension in the lower abdomen even if there is a slight fever.
  • In children it is possible to suffer from a lot of peeing at night when there is cystitis.

If there are the above symptoms, the patient should go to the doctor, the doctor will give a urine test to find that there are pathogenic bacteria, blood or pus or both in the urine.

When there is a feeling of sadness urinate but have to stand for a while in the toilet to urinate

Patients may have urination, urination, burning when urinating

2. Dangerous complications of cystitis

  • Kidney infections, kidney failure

Cystitis is one of the causes of kidney infections. This is caused by bacteria from the bladder going upside down on the kidneys. If the disease is left for a long time, it can cause damage to the kidneys, maybe one or two kidneys, leading to kidney failure, in rare cases severe due to damage to both kidneys may have to be on dialysis cycle

  • Hematoma, anemia

When the disease worsens, the person will urinate blood due to the blood contaminated with bacteria. Without timely treatment, prolonged hematoma risks leading to anemia

  • Increased risk of infertility, rarely late

For men, the urine excretion line in the urethra is also the ion ion line, which has an intimate connection between the urinary tract and the genital tract. Inflammations in the urinary tract can spread to the genital organs such as testicles, crests, duct tubes leading to impaired fertility, a rare risk of late.

  • Increased bladder activity:

Prolonged or recurrent cystitis will lead to complications up the bladder, bladder nerve, causing increased bladder irritation, repeated urination due to less urine capacity of the bladder.

Therefore, cystitis if not examined and treated in a timely manner will lead to dangerous complications . Especially in young children and the elderly it is very susceptible to kidney damage due to a bladder infection that is less detectable or mistaken for another disease.

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