Infographic: All About Presbyopia and How to Fix It?

Presbyopia is a common vision condition that occurs when we are aging. It is a part of the aging process; therefore, it is very normal and cannot be stopped or reversed. However, with the advent of advanced technology, many treatments are available to help human regain or correct their vision.

Have you ever asked some following question?
+ Why presbyopia occurs?
+ Who is at high risk of having presbyopia?
+ How to live with presbyopia?
+ What are those treatments for presbyopia?

Now take a look at this Infographic: All About Presbyopia and How to Fix It , you could find the answer and gain more insight about this vision problem

infographic presbyopia, how to fix presbyopia

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Giới thiệu: Bo Yong

I'm the founder and owner of Thank Your Eyes. I have been nearsighted since I was a child, so I had eye surgery with LASIK method but it was damaged so I had to undergo additional surgery. Fortunately, this time my eyes were clear again. With this blog, I want to share my experiences with anyone who is having eye problems and wants to have healthy eyes.

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