What is considered late puberty?

More and more children are appearing late puberty. Late puberty in a child should be taken care of because it may be due to diseases related to sex chroma, abnormal development of glands in the body.

1. How is it called late puberty?

Puberty marks the body of children who begin to develop completely and usually begin at the age of 7 to 13 with females, aged from 9 to 15 with males. At this time under the action of the lower hills and saline, the child's genital glands begin to increase the production of sex hormones (testosterone in boys and estrogens in girls) that act as sex characteristics of the child, such as breasts and ovaries in girls , muscles and testicles in boys.

Late puberty (also known as puberty delay) is a condition where puberty does not begin at the usual time. When girls over 13-14 years old and boys over 15-16 years old still do not show signs of puberty considered late puberty.

2. Signs and symptoms of late puberty

In females, late puberty manifests it as that do not develop at the age of 13, the menstrual cycle does not begin around the age of 16.

In men, late puberty is shown by signs such as testicles not growing larger at about the age of 14 or a period of delayed genital growth of more than 5 years.

3. Causes of late puberty (delayed puberty)

What is considered late puberty?

Nutrition that directly affects puberty
  • Inappropriate nutrition
  • Due to chronic illness
  • Girls have to do intense physical exercise regularly such as athletics or gymnastics, often starting puberty later than normal.
  • Genital ins depletion: The sex glands in children (testicles in men and ovaries in females) produce little or no hormone production. Genital inscourse is divided into two categories:
    • Primary instalitation (also known as central genital failure or genital instaltal interest due to genital endeeration). The disease occurs due to problems with the sedular gland and the lower hills of the brain. Causes include genetic disorders, especially Turner syndrome (in women) and Klinefelter syndrome (in men); some auto-immune disorders; some developmental disorders; radiotherapy or chemotherapy; infection; surgery.
    • Secondary genital ins depletion: Causes include Kaliman syndrome, radiation, trauma, surgery in the brain or sedate glands, having tumors in the brain or sedate glands.

4. What factors increase the risk of late puberty (delayed puberty)?

  • Genetic factors;
  • Chronic diseases
  • Malnutrition, be it from eating disorders or chronic diseases
  • Excessive exercise, e.g. professional athletes;
  • Tumors or injuries affecting the glands;
  • Hormone-related associations
  • Heredity affects genital development.

5. What methods are used to treat late puberty (delayed puberty)?

Usually, the doctor will use short-term hormone therapy to treat:

  • In boys, the doctor will replenish testosterone hormones by direct injection or using patches and topical gels
  • In girls, the doctor will supplement the hormone estrogen or progesterone with oral medications or topical gels.

6. What techniques are used to diagnose late puberty (delayed puberty)?

What is considered late puberty?

Estrogen density at each age

Family history: Helps doctors find causes such as abnormal eating habits (insize eating, psychological loss of appetite) and excessive exercise (marathon runners, gymnastics) that can lead to delayed puberty;

Blood test: Performed to measure hormone levels in the blood;

Chroma analysis: The analysis of chroma will be carried out to eliminate rare disorders;

X-ray: To check if the child's bones are growing slower than usual;

Ct or brain reactive imaging (MRI) to check the functioning of the sysathinal gland

Ultrasound to check if the ovaries and uterus develop as usual.

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