What should cesarean section abstain from?

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After cesarean section, the body is very weak, needs to be supplemented with many nutritious dishes, a variety of foods to quickly recover health. However, not all cesarean products are eaten. Many dishes can cause irritation, adversely affect health.

1. What do post-cesarean maternity fasting?

After the cesarean section, the intestines of the maternity are irritated, the digestion is poor due to the reduced functioning of the intestines and stomach. Therefore, if you eat a lot of food, eating indysgestion foods will cause the maternity to fill the abdomen,constipation , making it difficult to recover health.

In order for the recovery process after cesarean section to be quick, the maternity needs to limit the following dishes:

  • Welding dishes such as crabs, snails, vegetables … The body of maternity after cesarean section is very susceptible to cold. Welding foods will inhibit the condensation of the blood causing the incision to heal for a long time.
  • The food is not good for the process of scar healing, increasing the process of purulent creation, causing incision inflammation such as glutinous rice, spinach, egg white …
  • Black pigmented food causes deeper scars

What should cesarean section abstain from?

Cesarean section abstains from greasy foods
  • Greasy foods: crispy nails, chicken skin, duck skin, fatty meat, fried foods, oily stir-fry …
  • Spicy and hot foods such as chili, pepper, mustard …
  • Stimulating foods and drinks such as coffee, wine, beer …
  • Raw and renewable foods such as salads, raw vegetables …
  • Foods that cause allergies to the body
  • Some women with high blood pressure should limit their salt intake

2. What should women eat after cesarean section?

About the first 6 hours after cesarean section, women should drink only filtered water. When the maternity can deflate or defelate, it is recommended to eat diluted porridge and gradually increase the density of porridge.

After cesarean section about 3-4 days, the maternity can eat rice. Pay attention, do not overeane, do not eat greasy foods. It is advisable to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits to avoid constipation.

The nutrition of post-birth maternity in general and post-cesarean section in particular is important, determines the ability to recover health and affects the quality of lactation milk. It is recommended to feed women with easily digested foods such as chicken eggs, pork, bone soup stew, chicken soup … Strengthen the greens in the daily meal.

What should cesarean section abstain from?

1 – 2 days after cesarean section, women should eat diluted porridge to avoid abdominal bloating, indgestion

A meal must include a full range of essential nutrients including protein, fat, starch, sugar, vitamins, minerals, water. It is advisable to change the variety of daily dishes so that the maternity does not get bored. Can be broken down into 5-6 meals/day.

Some good dishes for post-cesarean section such as:

  • Red sugar: red sugar is mild, gaseous, active, easy to digest, analgesic, milky. Women can combine red sugar to form many attractive dishes, both delicious and nutritious, very good for health recovery, high blood pressure treatment and post-birth cold.
  • Carp: carp is not only beneficial for pregnant women, but post-birth women should also eat carp every week. Carp contains many protids that help promote uterus contraction, push excess blood out, shorten the time to produce.
  • Chicken eggs: chicken eggs are a popular food, which can be processed into a lot of delicious dishes. Chicken eggs contain many proteins necessary for the process of restoring the health of the maternity. In addition, chicken eggs also contain many substances to help the wound heal quickly, increase milking for women. Attention, do not overeating chicken eggs in one meal, which can lead to indgestion, full stomach.
  • Fruits: fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, capable of preventing constipation, promoting digestion, supplementing vitamin deficiencies in the body of women. It is recommended to eat fruits with sweet taste, coolness such as banana, tangerine, sweet grapefruit, grapes, apples, pears …

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  • Monitor and care for mothers and babies in the first 2 hours immediately after birth
  • Milk returns quickly – this way is both safe and effective
  • Comment on the analgesic effect after cesarean section of the method of anesthesia of the lumbar muscles on both sides

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