Instructions for caring for children with otitis

The article was consulted professionally with Specialist Doctor II Nguyen Van Thai – Doctor of Ear Nose And Throat Department of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine – Share99 Da Nang InternationalHealth Hub.

Otitis is an infected middle ear condition, common in young children. Otitis media in children if not treated promptly and definitively can lead to dangerous complications such as perforation of the eardrum, facial paralysis, otitis osteoarthritis, affecting the ability to hear – speak, even meningitis, brain pressure … In addition to hospital treatment, parents also need to know how to properly care for children with otitis.

1. How to care for a child with otitis?

1.1. Clean ears, nose, throat

Ears – nose – throat are intimately related to each other. Therefore, when your child has otitis, you need to keep all three parts clean.

● Ear hygiene: If the child's ears are purulent, it is necessary to clean the baby's ears. Use a cotton swab gently, do not wipe too deeply, can cause ear damage. Absolutely do not use ear closed buttons to block purulent water, but must let purulent discharge escape.

● Nasal hygiene: Use physiological saline to wash your baby's nose daily. If it is cold, it is necessary to warm the brine before it is small so that the child does not have a cold.

● Throat cleaning: Tongue relays, daily oral hygiene for children. Older children can rinse their mouths with saline.

Otitis in a child

Clean your baby's ears

1.2. A reasonable diet

Caring for a child with otitis should apply a proper diet. Children with otitis can be uncomfortable, disturbed, tired people. You should feed your child with a variety of nutritious foods. Feed your child several meals during the day so he can eat more.

Give your child plenty of filtered water or juices. For babies under 6 months of age it is necessary to increase the amount of milk daily, breastfeeding more.

1.3. Follow your doctor's instructions

Give your child adequate medications as directed by your doctor, do not use over-the-counter medications on your own.

If the child has a fever, apply a warm towel so that he can quickly lower the fever. Put your child in thin clothes, rest in a cool place. Give antipyretics, relieve pain when the child has a fever above 38.5 degrees Celsius or shows discomfort, a lot of pain.

1.4. Take your child to the hospital when they see severe illness

Caring for children with otitis at home should be taken with great care. If the condition is not in remission or becomes worse, it is necessary to take the child to the hospital for re-examination.

Signs to take your child to the doctor include:

● The child constantly complains of pain, the degree and frequency of pain increases gradually

● Children with high fever constantly, taking antipyretics do not help

● Children show discomfort, fuss, skip eating, quit feeding for long periods of time

● Child vomiting or diarrhea

2. How to prevent otitis in a child

Otitis can be prevented by the following measures:

● Clean ears – nose – throat, minimize the possibility of runny nose, sore throat

● Keep your child warm, especially the neck, liver and feet when it is cold or when lying in an air-conditioned room

● Limit your child's nose

● When the child has sore throat, runny nose, tonsillitis… need definitive treatment

● Vaccinate your child

● Keep your home clean, avoid mold and smog

Dr. Nguyen Van Thai is a former Doctor of Ear Nose and Throat Surgery at The Department of Ear Nose and Throat – Hue Central Health Hub with more than 17 years of treatment experience, especially in the field of Head and Neck Surgery. Currently an Entotologist at the Interdisciplinary Clinic of the Medical and Internal Medicine Department of Share99 Da Nang International Health Hub.

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