Proper nutrition for pregnant people with severe instrinsy

The article was consulted professionally by Master, Dr Trinh Thi Thanh Huyen – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub.

Pregnancy is a great experience for mothers, however, during pregnancy women also face many difficulties. Due to changes in the amount of hormones in the body, most pregnant women are sick with varying degrees of mild weight. A reasonable menu for sick pregnant women will reduce discomfort for pregnant women during pregnancy.

1. Causes of sickness

Hcg hormones secreted by pregnant vegetables are the main cause of pregnancy sickness in pregnant women in addition to increased female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. During pregnancy these hormones increase greatly to help the development of the fetus, while also causing symptoms of sickness in pregnant women such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased sensitivity to certain odors
  • Changes in the gastrointestinal tract: Abdominal bloating, slow digestion …

2. Proper nutrition for sick pregnant women

2.1 Methods of reducing sickness

When you are sick to relieve symptoms of vomiting and nausea, you should apply the following ways:

  • Eat easily digested foods, break down meals during the day, each meal should eat less avoid filling the abdomen.
  • Do not eat foods that irritate the stomach such as: High-seasoning foods, fats, fried foods, hot spicy foods, alcohol, coffee, foods with an unpleasant smell.
  • Drink plenty of water every day, in addition to drinking more milk, juices …
  • Regularly exercise, but also pay attention to proper rest, avoiding mental stress.
  • Increase the eating of greens, ripe fruits, legumes …
  • Eat dry foods such as bread, biscuits …
  • Some food with ginger also helps to reduce vomiting.

2.2 Suggest some anti-scoring menus for pregnant women

Some of the dishes and drinks below help pregnant women limit their appetite.

  • Italian porridge:Italian 15g, rice 100g, ginger 100g, red sugar 20g. Stir in the grated rice, then add the pounded ginger, simmer until boiling again and stir well. Eat twice a day, when hungry, eat hot. Need to eat within 3 days.
  • Sugarcane juice and fresh ginger: Purple sugar cane about 300g, fresh ginger 5g. Sugar cane is baked hot and then pressed for water, pounded ginger to remove the pulp and then put in sugarcane water stir well. Drink divided 3 times, before eating. Maintaining drinking for 3-5 days will see an effect.

Proper nutrition for pregnant people with severe instrinsy

Sugarcane juice helps to limit pregnant women
  • Olive water: Apricots 20 berries, fresh ginger 5g, red sugar 30g, water 400ml. Put them all in a saucepan until the water is denseer, take it orally 3 times a day, drink before eating 30 minutes. Drink for about 3-5 days.
  • Tamarind, ginger-soaked crocodile: Tamarind 200g, crocodile 200g, fresh ginger 10g, sugar 30g. Me and Crocodile cooked, tamarind after the item ripened, peeled hard outside. Pounded ginger mixed with sugar and put in the same tamarind and crocodile mix well until the sugar is dissolved. Then eat instead of snacking.
  • Crocodile Soup: Crocodile 5 fruits, pork chops 200g, zudish 100g, spices just enough. The crocodile shaves the washed shell, the pork ribs rinse tightly and eat the seasoning. Put the crocodile and ribs to cook thoroughly then add the peeled zud squash to cook until cooked. Eat twice a day, when hungry or eat with rice for 3 days straight.
  • Tamarindsoup : Carp 300g, tamarind, tomato, white vegetable 100g, spices just enough. Fish wash the seasoning well for 20 minutes. Me shaved outer shell, tomato washed sliced, vegetables washed finely chopped. Put the fish, cooking oil, tomatoes in a sauté pot, then put tamarind and water to boil until cooked, add the vegetables and add enough spices to boil the soup again. Eat once a day at hunger for 3-5 days in a row. Note that some pregnant women who are afraid of the smell of fish apply the above dishes.

For pregnant women, a reasonable menu for sick pregnant women makes pregnant women feel better during pregnancy. Pregnant women should eat nutritiously, break down meals, eat easily digestable foods, stay away from foods that stimulate digestion, and apply certain dishes that can help alleviate vomiting. However, when applying methods and diets, the condition does not decrease causing much vomiting, water disorders and electrolyses pregnant women need to immediately go to the medical facility for care and treatment.

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Source: National Institute of Nutrition


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